Smash Cakes happen to be one of my favorite sessions! 

What is a Smash Cake you ask, I am not really sure where it came from or how it came bout but normally it's done with children of the age of One and Six months we put a cute little cake in front of them for them to do whatever their heart pleases. you really do not know what they are going to do. Some kids love it. Some kids hate it. Take a look into these adorable smashers I have gotten to photograph. 

If you would like me to capture your Child's Cake Smash feel free to use the contact me button below. 


Smash Cakes


Cake smash photographer 

Smash cake photographer 

Cake smash photography 

smash cake photography 

affordable smash cake photographer

affordable cake smash photographer 

affordable smash cake photography

affordable cake smash photographer